The Nest

The Food

This story pretty much hands us food ideas on a plate, so to speak. The plot builds to the big birthday dinner for Melody’s 40th. Walker has set a simple yet inviting table with some Italian-themed appetizers; olives in little ceramic bowls, and nice soft Italian cheeses served with crusty bread. Perhaps try some creamy Taleggio  and/or a firmer Bellavitano. And don’t forget to decorate with lemons and sprigs of rosemary to achieve Walker’s look!


Round off the evening with Melody’s favourite coconut cake. If you are looking for a classic coconut cake recipe, then check out this sight. However, I went for a more Fall inspired version of the cake and created this super yummy Pumpkin Coconut Cake.  I used canned pumpkin puree, but if you are feeling energetic, this cake can be made with cooked pie pumpkin as well. Get the deets on how to cook a pie pumpkin here.

Get the Pumpkin Coconut Cake recipe here!