All the Light We Cannot See

The Food

I had a great time making some book club treats for this novel, as there was lots of inspiration. The section of the book that struck me the most with food was in the chapter ‘Herr Siedler’, when young Werner is called to fix a radio at the home of Rudolf Siedler, and he is offered a piece of cake. “Werner takes a piece. Powdered sugar cascades down his chin…Werner eats one piece of cake, then another, then takes a third.”

I also felt that we really needed to celebrate canned peaches, as they were consumed at significant points in the story. As well I made a point of using some delicious French Camembert in a lovely appetizer tart.

Get the recipe for a classic German ‘Bee Sting’ Cake here!

This honey almond topping is irresistible!


Get the recipe for a Camembert and Asparagus Tart here!

Hot out of the oven Camembert and asparagus tart. So delicious!


Get the Peach Bellini recipe here!

Refreshing peach Bellinis


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